BlackBerry 10 IMAP Email Setup

This article will assist you in setting up your Blackberry OS 10 device with your Hosted Email mailbox.

    1. From the home menu, select the "Settings" icon.

    1. Select "Accounts".

    1. Select "Advanced".

    1. Select "IMAP".

    1. Enter the following details:
      1. "Description": Hosted Email Mailbox
      2. "Your Name": Your name
      3. "Username": Your email address
      4. "Email Address": Your email address
      5. "Password": Your mailbox password
      6. "Server Address":
      7. "Port": 993
      8. "IMAP Path Prefix": /
      9. "SMTP Username": Your email address
      10. "SMTP Password": Your mailbox password
      11. "SMTP Server Address":
      12. "SMTP Port": 465
      13. "SMTP Encryption": SSL

    1. Select "Done" in the upper right corner. Your device will then begin validating the settings.
    2. Once validation is complete. You should see your email account listed.

    1. Go back to your home screen. Swipe up from the bottom, then to the right. Select your mailbox to view your email.

  1. That's it! Your Blackberry device should now be connected to your mailbox.

If you would instead like to setup your BlackBerry with MobileSync, we have a guide for that here.

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