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Stay in sync with MobileSync

Synchronize your mail, calendar, contacts with ActiveSync

Sync Contacts

Sync and backup your contacts from a mobile device to webmail and Outlook. If you lose your phone, you can restore your contacts by adding your email address back to device.

Fast Push Email

Instant email delivery with push email. Email arrives instantly without checking or refreshing for new messages.

Email Calendar Sync

Get your email calendar on your phone. Whether you add an event on your phone or Outlook, you can be sure you will get reminded with MobileSync calendar app.

MobileSync is included with Cloud Drive

Secure backup and sync of your mobile data

Start syncing your contacts and calendar too and ensure they are backed up. Easily restore contacts, calendar and email to your mobile device just by adding your email account.

Get your email setup with ActiveSync

Mobile Apps

Get fast instant access to email through the ultra light mobile apps.

Thexyz on iOS

Thexyz on Android

Supported devices
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • BlackBerry 10 devices
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013/2016
  • Windows Phone
  • Palm® Pre™
  • Samsung
Supported applications
  • Outlook (PC/Mac)
  • iOS Mail
  • BlackBerry Hub
  • Outlook for Android
  • Windows Mail
  • Gmail
  • emClient


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