Troubleshooting Email Delivery and Decoding Mail Logs

Having trouble receiving emails? Here's a step-by-step guide to diagnose and fix issues using the SpamExperts dashboard at We've also included some valuable insights to help boost your SEO.

1. Checking Incoming Logs on SpamExperts:

  • Visit and log in.
  • Navigate to Dashboard > Incoming > Logs.
  • Set your desired filter time period and click the blue search icon to display results.
  • This list showcases all emails processed by SpamExperts during your selected time.

Email Logs

Key Things to Note:

  • Confirm the email in question is listed. If not, review the MX record setup or verify with the sender if the email was dispatched correctly.
  • Key columns to note:
    • Main Class: Reflects the email's category. Examples: not-spam, spam, unsure.
    • Status: Highlights the action taken by SpamExperts. Here's what they mean:
      • Delivered: Email was sent to the destination server.
      • Rejected: Email was declined and not delivered.
      • Quarantined: Email was set aside for review on the Incoming Spam Quarantine page.

Tip: For detailed guidance on handling rejected and quarantined emails, consult the SpamExperts documentation.

2. Addressing Non-Receipt of Delivered Emails:

If an email is marked "delivered" but wasn't received, consider these:

  • Third-Party Spam Filters: Ensure other spam filters, particularly on your destination mail server, are deactivated. For cPanel users:

    • Turn off Apache SpamAssassin™ via cPanel > Email > Spam Filters. Make sure the toggle for Apache SpamAssassin is set to "Off".
  • cPanel Email Recipient Validation: Sometimes, recipient validation may interfere with SpamExperts. To rectify:

    • Access the Exim Configuration Manager in the WHM control panel.
    • Turn off the "Email Recipient Validation" setting.
  • Disable Recipient Callout:

    • If an email is sent to a non-existent recipient on your destination server, it's often declined.
    • To manage this, the server first verifies if the destination server acknowledges the recipient email.
    • Toggle off the recipient callout via Domain Level Control Panel > General > Mailboxes Configuration on SpamPanel.
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