My contacts aren't syncing with my phone

If Mobile Sync is not active, that means it is not possible to synchronize your Contacts between Webmail and your mobile device.

If Mobile Sync is active, and your Contacts are not syncing from your mobile device(s) to Webmail, there are a few reasons why this occurred. Please try the following:

  1. Check Email Account Settings
    The Email accounts should be set up using Exchange ActiveSync and set to connect to the servers. Please check the Webmail to confirm your mobile device is set up correctly.
  2. Check if the correct Contacts is being used
    Most mobile devices have multiple accounts to synchronize and can be a bit confusing which Contact group you are using. Mobile devices should have a default Contact group set up when adding new contacts. If you are adding a contact, please check that the Exchange Contacts is selected while creating the contact.
  3. Toggle Contacts Sync
    Exchange ActiveSync allows you to sync Calendar, Contacts, and Mail. Each of these can be managed separately and even turned off. Go to your email account settings and check if the Contacts option is set to synchronize which is normally set by a checkmark. If this is on, uncheck the Contacts synchronization from the phone to turn off the Contacts sync, wait a minute, and turn on the Contacts Sync. Recheck Contacts.
  4. Remove Email account and Re-add
    In rare cases, the mobile device may have some corruption that prevents the account from properly synchronizing. Removing the email account and re-adding it may help to correct this. Please check our Knowledgebase instructions to confirm your mobile device is set up correctly.
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