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Price increase on .biz, .org and .info

On July 19th, the registry for .biz, .org and .info domains will be increasing prices for renewals, transfers and new domain registrations.  That means, starting on that date, all new .biz, .org and .info domains, renewals, and transfers will cost more. This price increase is not limited to any particular registrars, but impacts all domain ... Davamını oxu

7th İyl 2020

New email archiving improvements

Email Archiving with Thexyz has been upgraded and  provides many improvements, both in the user experience and in system performance. The new user experience includes a fully redesigned portal for managing the archive. Because many new core improvements fuel the upgrade, there are a few changes to your searches.  Direct URL The new platform ... Davamını oxu

11th Fev 2020

Two Factor Authentication for Email Administrators

In early 2019 the Email Administrators Control Panel introduced an improved Multi-Factor Authentication experience.  It’s easier than ever to set up MFA on your and your administrator login and doing so will greatly reduce the chance of compromise.  If you do not want to enter a code on every login, you can remember your device, and you ... Davamını oxu

31st Okt 2019

Add additional and multiple payment methods

As data breaches and online fraud continue to plague online businesses - it is increasingly important to provide more secure and more innovative payment methods. This is why we have strengthened our credit card processing to include support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a new European requirement  part of the Payment Services ... Davamını oxu

21st Okt 2019
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