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Thexyz Webmail: Admins Can Recover Deleted Mailbox

In mid-January 2015, we will introduce a faster and easier way for admins to recover a deleted Webmail mailbox. Simply create a new mailbox with the same username as a recently deleted mailbox. If the mailbox was deleted within the last 14 days, you will be given the option to recover the email data associated with that mailbox.Together with the ... Read More

8th Jan 2015

New Billing Client Portal

‎We are introducing a new and improved billing platform to ensure that the ordering and management of multiple accounts is a seamless as possible. We are also making this change the make billing updates easier for users. This will also bring our support into the same portal as billing so you can communicate with the support and billing team in ... Read More

5th Dec 2014

Microsoft Exchange 2013 is Now Live

We are happy to announce that Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013 is now live. Hosted Exchange includes: 100GB mailboxes 100GB Public Folders 50MB attachments Free ActiveSync Free Directory Sync Unlimited free Resource Mailboxes, Distribution Lists and Public Folders All new Exchange accounts setup after February 5th will automatically be ... Read More

7th Feb 2014

End Of Support For SMTP At Thexyz Webmail

CRAM-MD5 is a secure log-in method used by some mail clients to encrypt user credentials during SMTP requests. In recent years it has been largely replaced by technologies like SSL or TLS, which encrypt the entire mail connection - not just the log-in request.As a result of security enhancements in our user management systems, starting on June ... Read More

11th Jun 2013