Change in .EU renewal procedure

We have made a few changes to the life cycle of the .EU domains on our systems following a change made by the registry. EU domains will now follow a life cycle similar to that of gTLDs. For domains registered before September 15th, 2014, the domains will expire on the 2nd last day of the expiring month and will then go through a 25 day ... Read More

June 28, 2015
Knowledgebase and forum improvements

We have made some improvements to our Knowledgebase, it is now fully searchable from your account portal making it easier and faster for you to find helpful resources. Our Knowledgebase is now merged with our forum and your account here is also merged with the forum so you can post your own discussion and comment on articles.

April 4, 2015
Exchange updates

  • Restructured navigation within the Exchange section
  • Deprecated the Exchange dashboard
  • Relocated Reports, Email Archiving, and Blacklist / Safelist Search from Exchange section to Domains section
  • Relocated Reports from Thexyz Email section to Domains section

February 8, 2015
Soap API Network Change

On Tuesday, January 27th at 3pm EST, we will be releasing a change to our SOAP API that may cause authentication failures for some customers' integration.The change will affect a very limited subset of customers: those who use the Webmail SOAP API and authenticate with a "Standard" or "Limited" Admin account.Customer's may prevent authentication ... Read More

January 27, 2015