Default Global Access Rights for Thexyz Webmail

We have made a change to domain provisioning that will alter the default Global Access rights for Thexyz Email.  Currently when a domain is created, all available access options are selected by default.  Going forward, only the SSL options will be selected by default.  An admin can still elect to enable non-SSL options if they choose, but we do ... Повеќе

December 13, 2015
Email Password Requirements Changing

The password strength requirements for Hosted Email and Hosted Exchange are changing. On January 6, 2016, the Control Panel and Webmail interfaces will begin enforcing new rules when setting or changing a password. The password rules will now be consistent for both Hosted Email and Hosted Exchange. The new password strength requirements ... Повеќе

November 23, 2015
Thexyz Email Password Changes

An important part of supporting you is helping you keep your data secure from the bad guys. Our analysis has shown that hackers' favorite way to gain unauthorized access to email accounts is by exploiting weak passwords. That's why we are changing the password strength requirements. If you use the Thexyz Webmail or Hosted Exchange Administrative ... Повеќе

November 9, 2015
External image privacy protection for Webmail

When a user receives an email with links to externally hosted images, those images will not be displayed immediately. Instead, a bar will show up at the top of the email to indicate that images are being blocked. The user can click "Show Images" or "Always show images for this sender" to display the images.

November 7, 2015
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