Mandag, Mai 31, 2021

We recently notified you about our plans to enforce maximum limits on the Trash and Spam folder within Thexyz Email. We received feedback from several of our customers concerning the potential negative impact this could have, and we have listened. We are canceling our plans to make any changes to the retention period for any of our folders. The settings you have today will not be changed, and the current default settings will remain. If you have increased your default limits, we ask that you consider your business need for additional retention. Reducing long-term storage of unneeded items in Spam and Trash folder helps us manage our storage efficiently. If you have a specific requirement to archive your email messages for regulatory reasons, we strongly recommend considering our Email Archiving offering. Thexyz Email Archiving provides a secure and persistent solution designed from the ground up for regulatory compliance. It offers unlimited storage, powerful search, supports auditing and discovery capabilities.

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