Email Providers Comparison

Feature/Provider Thexyz G Suite iCloud Mail Office 365 Yahoo Mail Zoho Mail Hushmail ProtonMail Fastmail
Max attachment size 50MB 25MB 20MB 150MB 25MB 30MB 20MB 35MB 50MB
Monthly cost (per email account) $2.95 $5.95 $8.33 $5.95 $2.00 $3 $4.17 $5.00 $5.00
Mailbox storage space 25GB 15GB 10GB 50GB 1000GB 30GB 5GB 5GB 25GB
Messages per day 10,000 2000 1000 500 500 200 350 1000 4000
MobileSync (ActiveSync)
SSL encrypted email
FISMA compliant
Email filters
Import contacts
Free trial on paid plans
Open source
Two-factor authentication
Based in the United States
Email aliases Unlimited 30 3 200 1 30 5 600
Custom domain email address
Supports multiple domains


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Receive, manage, and solve tasks to improve your website

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Rank Tracker

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Site Audit

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Text Optimizer

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Why choose Thexyz over Office 365 and G Suite?

No contracts

A good reason to choose Thexyz as your email hosting provider to access email is that there is no contracts with any of our services. Even if you choose Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite with Google Drive over our own Premium Email or Hosted Exchange for your email storage (25GB storage per user) of your email messages.

Cost savings

With Thexyz you will get the same level of service with Microsoft or Google. There is a considerable cost saving when you compare the variable to each other and makes choice for small businesses.

Complete spam protection

Gain full control of blocking emails and safelisting domains or IP addresses with a managed email firewall. All inbound email also passes through our 4 spam filters to keep your email inbox free of spam and give you the security features needed for secure email services and encrypting messages.

Privacy of users data

While Microsoft has improved its privacy policies over the years, Google still lags behind many other technology companies in this regard. Furthermore, Google pays tens of millions of euros in fines each year for privacy and security breaches of personal information. There is a growing sentiment especially when the Google policy is examined, that organizations cannot agree to Google's terms of service for internal privacy and security reasons when servers are located in Google's environment. Ensure email data is protected, Thexyz is 100% ad free so there is no need to scan to read your emails.

Speed and efficiency

Enjoy a faster, smoother email experience with secure email encryption and send emails faster. We also offer free support with our platform. Spend less time on hold and trying to find someone to help you. We're here to help whichever operating systems you use or email platform you choose for important email security and cloud storage.

Flexible Pricing Options With
30 Day Money Back Guarantee