Setup Skype for Business on Linux

This is a setup guide for Skype for Business (formerly Lync) on Linux. Pidgin is the recommended client. However, any client that supports the SIP/SIMPLE protocol should be able to connect to Skype for Business.
Note: Due to the third party nature of the libraries suggested in this article, we cannot provide technical support for this integration. If you run in to issues, we recommend reaching out to the developers associated with the libraries.
APT (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, etc)
# apt-get update && apt-get -y install pidgin pidgin-sipe
YUM (Fedora, SUSE, RHEL, etc)
# yum -y install pidgin pidgin-sipe
    1. Open Pidgin on your computer. If it's already open, restart it to activate the SIPE plugin.
    2. Go to "Accounts" -> "Manage Accounts" -> "Add".
    3. Under "Login Options", change the "Protocol" to "Office Communicator".
    4. Within the "Basic" tab:
      1. "Username": Your email address
      2. "Login": Your email address
      3. "Password": Your email address password

    1. Within the "Advanced" tab:
      1. "Server[:Port]":

  1. Click "Save".
  2. Success! You can now collaborate with your colleagues using Skype for Business!
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