How Can I Access Webmail Settings?

You can access Webmail settings by logging into webmail:

Webmail Settings

From this window you can manage webmail settings by clicking on menu via the left side to select settings group.

Webmail Settings
Display Preferences
  • Show HTML version by default - Indicate whether you want to view new emails in HTML format by default.
  • Display attached images within the message body - When an email contains attached images, the images will appear in the message body, by default. To turn this feature off, uncheck the checkbox. Attached images will appear in the Attachments area, but not in the body of the message.
  • Display the preview pane - By default, the preview pane will be available when you are viewing email folders. To turn this feature off, hiding the preview pane, uncheck the checkbox.
  • Number of messages listed per page - Indicate how many emails you want to display in the email list at one time. If you are using a slow connection, you may prefer to display only a few emails at a time (e.g., 10 or 20).
New Messages
  • Play alert sound when new email arrives - Plays a sound when email arrives in the Inbox.
  • Check for new email every - Select how often webmail automatically checks for new mail.
 Trash Options
  • Move deleted email to the Trash folder - Check to have deleted items moved to the Trash folder. If unchecked, deleted emails are deleted permanently.
  • Move purged email to the Trash folder - Check to have purged items moved to the Trash folder. If unchecked, purged emails are deleted permanently.

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