Setup Thexyz email with the Vivaldi mail client

You can add your email account with Thexyz to the Vivaldi mail client. Vivaldi also makes a decent web browser and by using it for email, you will enjoy an email experience that is closely tied to your web browser.

Once you have downloaded and installed Vivaldi, you can follow the steps below to add your email account at Thexyz to Vivaldi.

Once you start the Vivaldi App, navigate to the Mail App by clicking the envelope on the left-hand side. Then click Add Mail Account.  

Vivaldi mail config

Enter your email address in the box and select IMAP from the dropdown menu. Click Manual Setup to proceed with the configuration. 

Setting up Thexyz on Vivaldi

Enter the settings below, replacing the email address with your own email address.

Email Address: Your full email address
Account Type: IMAP
Incoming Server:
Port: 993
Outgoing Server:
Port: 465

Connection Security: SSL/TLS

Socket Type: SSL/TLS

Username: Your full email address

Vivaldi settings

Once your mail account information has been entered correctly, it will attempt to sign in.

Vivaldi email

Once you have successfully configured your email account, you can then add the Sender Name and a custom email signature

Set up complete

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