Export email archive search results through Thexyz Email Admin Portal

Archive search results can be exported to share with outside parties. This can be helpful for auditing or legal requests, as well as historic activity reviews by a team.

Complete the following steps to export the results of a search in the Archive Manager.

  1. Log in to the Archive Manager. For more information, see Log in to the Archive Manager.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the window, click Search to access the Search dashboard.

    Note: There are three dashboards for top-level administrators: Search, Admin, and Admin User.

  3. Click the Search tab.

  4. Locate the search name that you want to export, and click the View option.

  5. Select the type of export: PST, File (.eml format), Text, PDF, or HTML.

  6. (Optional) Add a note that will be displayed next to the export file in the search list*.*

  7. (Optional) Select to be notified by email when the file is ready for download.

  8. Click Export.

  9. To begin the download process, click the Search tab.

  10. Locate the search that you exported, and click the number in the Exp column.

    All export files for this search are displayed.

  11. Click the file name to save the file.

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