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April Domain Name Promotions

For the month and April and beyond, we have secured promotional pricing with various domain registrars to offer you some great savings. There is no limit on how many times you can use these coupon codes before the expiration date. Simply search for a domain and enter the coupon code at checkout for price adjustment. TLD Promo ... En savoir plus

7 avril 2016

Upcoming Storage Notification Changes

We will be making a few minor adjustments to the way the Storage Notification feature works with Thexyz Webmail. These changes will take effect in mid-April. Currently, for domains that have Storage Notifications enabled, the notification message is sent daily whenever a mailbox is above the capacity threshold set in the Control Panel. This ... En savoir plus

22 mars 2016

Thexyz now supports FIDO U2F YubiKeys for two-factor authentication

Thexyz now supports FIDO U2F YubiKeys for two-factor authentication and users now can protect access to their account at Thexyz with YubiKey, a high-security, public-key cryptography to protect against various attacks. This will be in addition to the current feature for email administrators to make use of two-factor mobile authentication apps. En savoir plus

12 févr 2016

Webmail Compose Changes

As you know, we have made a few changes to Webmail in January, and there is one more still to come: Thursday, January 29th, 2016 - Composing a New Message Composing a new message is one of the most popular actions in Webmail. We are making a change that will improve compose loading times by up to 300%. To achieve this, the compose window will ... En savoir plus

21er janv 2016
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