Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Over the coming weeks, people using one of Thexyz domains for email should notice significant improvements to spam filtering as we move to a new spam filtering vendor. Users of one of our domains only will be able to log in via quarantine.thexyz.com after receiving an email to their address to manage settings or check logs. 

If you are already using one of the following domains for your email, you will automatically have this higher level of protection enabled. 

  • @thexyz.com
  • @thexyz.ca
  • @thexyz.net
  • @thexyz.org
  • @xyz.am
  • @sync.xyz
  • @zooglemail.com
  • @emailsrvr.org
  • @9mail.org
  • @z9mail.com

Custom Domain Spam Filtering Changes

As for custom domains, users are recommended to upgrade to N-Able Spam Experts filtering as we have recently implemented for Thexyz domains. 

In July 2022 the following features will be removed from Thexyz Email Admin Control Panel. 

  • Administrators will no longer be able to set spam settings.
  • Administrators will no longer have access to configure allow/blocklist behavior at a domain level.
  • New spam delivery behavior will deliver spam messages to the recipient’s spam/junk folder.
  • This specific change applies to both Thexyz Webmail and Hosted Exchange.
  • New blocklist and safelist behavior will be managed through Webmail and limited to 250 entries. 
  • Limits of 250 entries will be applied to the Allow list and the Blocklist independently.
  • IP addresses or ranges will no longer be a valid list entry on the Allow list or Blocklist.

If you wish to retain the configurable, domain-wide spam filtering features, it is recommended to upgrade to N-Able Spam Experts filtering for your domain. 


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