Sunday, January 10, 2021

The ability to access and manage multiple accounts using a single login is a significant and fundamental change to the way we manage user authentication for client accounts, but on the frontend, it's a simple, powerful, and flexible way for customers to manage and grant access to their account to other users.

This is a big shift that is expected to benefit many of our customers. It's perfect for Managed Service Providers, Web Designers, Developers, Consultants... basically anyone who needs to work with multiple businesses or organizations using Thexyz. 

How it works

Clients, now called "accounts," own products and services. Think of an account as representing a business or other entity, whoever's the billable party. Users are associated with one or more of those accounts and can log in and manage them seamlessly. Fine-grained controls easily adjust their access to each account.
User accounts

So, if a web developer, Cassie, has multiple websites she develops for multiple customers, she can log in as a single user to manage each of the associated accounts. Cassie only needs one set of credentials and one email address to access every account she owns. Her customers can still view their own information without seeing the other accounts.

It's a flexible, powerful way to manage users and their accounts in Thexyz Client Area.

Inviting users

Cassie wants access to everything through one set of credentials, so that means invitations need to be sent from each account to the email address for her user. If this doesn't happen, she will still need to use two sets of credentials, since the accounts aren't associated yet.

Please refer to the guide for inviting a new user

Inviting users

The users that were formerly Sub-Accounts will remain, too, until someone removes them. Functionally, this means Cassie has three users she can log in to, but she only needs to use the newest user with access to both accounts.

Sending those invitations is easy to do: account owners can invite new users anytime. Whenever you send an invitation, the invitee will get an email. They just click on the link in the email and log in as an existing user or create a new one.

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