Cümə axşamı, Fevral 21, 2019

Please be aware of any suspicious emails that may be disguised as if they are from internal employees or from your email service provider. If you notice emails that contain suspicious links or attachments, remind your users to avoid clicking on any links. Note that these emails are NOT legitimate emails sent by our email hosting service.

A few additional reminders include:

- Never share personal information
- Visit websites directly from browsers and bookmarks - not email
- Double-check attachments before you click or download them
- Watch for misspellings and strange greetings (Hello Madam!)
- Be suspicious of emails that evoke a sense of urgency and ask for your immediate action
- When it comes to wire transfers, be extra vigilant
- When in doubt - DO NOTHING!

If you have any quesitons or concerns, contact support.

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