Monday, April 2, 2018

The .IE restriction policy has been opened up and now you can register Ireland-targeted domains without the hassle. 


You no longer need to explain why you want a particular name when registering a .ie domain. Anyone with a connection to Ireland can register any available .IE domain on a first-come first-served basis.

Showing evidence of connection to Ireland is simple and requires as little as proof of your identity and one document for the vast majority, which means you can finally get the name you’ve been thinking of!

Why register an .IE domain?

The .IE domain extension will instantly put an Irish ‘halo’ on your online presence.
Here’s a list of some of the key benefits the .IE extension will bring to your Ireland-targeted site:

Guaranteed Irish connection – you’ll be perceived of as being Irish, which will help you expand your online presence in Ireland;
Guaranteed trust – with an .IE domain, you will instill confidence in your visitors. Тhanks to the thorough  .IE domain registration procedure, your customers will know that you’re legitimately connected to Ireland;

Guaranteed security – there are much less .IE domain-connected instances of cybercrime than with .COM, for example;

Higher search engine rankings – with an .IE domain, your site will appear higher in local search results, since search engines have confirmed that they favour ccTLD based sites;

Brand protection – figures show that thousands of .COM domain name disputes are filed each year, while the .IE ccTLD-connected claims are just a few;

Much higher availability – your preferred domain name is much more likely to be available under .IE than under any other overcrowded namespace;

Find your .ie domain today with Thexyz!

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