Wednesday, August 16, 2017

.ca Domain Price Hike from Registry

CIRA who controls the registry for .ca has announced a $1.00 price increase on .ca domains. As a result we will adding a dollar to the price of .ca renewals and registrations. Now is the time to renew your .ca domain for the maximum amount of time (1-10 years) to ensure lowest price.


TLD New Registration Price Change Effective
.CA $20.95 USD / $23.95 CAD October 1st 2017

This price revision applies to new registration, renewal and transfer fees.

Other Registry Price Changes

We would like to bring to your attention on the upcoming price changes for TLDs mentioned below. The revision of the prices is due to the change in the cost price from the registries of these TLDs. Many other registars no longer support these TLDs due to this sharp increases in cost.


TLD Revised Non Promo Price Change Effective
.CHINESE WEBSITE (.中文网) $179.95 Mar 21st 2017
.CLICK, .LINK $19.95 Aug 21st 2017
.HELP, .PICS $49.95 Aug 21st 2017
.TATTOO $49.95 Aug 21st 2017
.SEXY $149.95 Aug 21st 2017
.CHRISTMAS $99.95 Aug 21st 2017
$199.95 Aug 21st 2017
.HOSTING, .JUEGOS $599.95 Aug 21st 2017
$149.95 Sept 1st 2017

This price revision applies to new registrations and renewals.

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