Now more than ever there is more reason to sign up for Thexyz Premium Email as users will be able to sync their contacts, calendar and email automatically on iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

With a larger proportion of business being done through a mobile device, these devices need to be faster, smarter and highly secure to keep users updated on the go. Having to remember to manually sync a device by connecting it to a computer can also be too much work. That is why we have worked long and hard at making all mobile devices work seamlessly with our secure email service.

You do not need to worry about the security of your contacts and calendar being synced automatically, as all our Premium Email services are run through encrypted servers employing the 256 bit SSL encryption.

Users have been enjoying the many features of running a Premium account and in a recent poll, nearly all users said it is worth the extra cost. I have spoken to some users that have been using these features on the Blackberry where is has been available for sometime and they have said it has changed the way they do business.

Just yesterday we were speaking to client that uses his phone to talk to clients, adds their details to contacts and makes an appointment, this data is shared securely through an encrypted network to other team members that may need to attend or know about the appointment. The client also said, “what used to take 5 hours, now takes 5 minutes.”

This has been great but they all needed to be Blackberry users, now with our latest sync update you can also sync data between the iPhone, Android and Windows phone too.

You can read up here on MobileSync or browse our FAQ.

If you already have Thexyz Webmail you can our email device setup tool to setup sync on your device: