Advanced Spam Filtering

Powerful spam protection for your whole domain name

Incoming Email Filtering

Protect your network

Eliminate Spam and Viruses from email before they ever reach your network

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Outgoing Email Filtering

Safeguard your reputation

Prevent Spam and Viruses from ever unknowingly leaving your network

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Email Archiving

Backup and Compliance

Never lose an email again and ensure email data integrity for legal compliance

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Block nearly 100% of viruses, malware and spam before they ever reach your inbox

Incoming email filtering gives you all these benefits...

Full Inbox protection at competitive prices
Extremely accurate filtering
Easy configuration
Increase inbound email continuity and redundancy
Various reporting options
Friendly interface to keep you in full control over your email
Increase employee productivity
Compatible with any mail server

Our Incoming Email Filtering service filters all inbound email and eliminates spam and viruses before these threats reach your network with nearly 100% accuracy. Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, our secure email gateway offers robust protection against day attacks, including phishing and spear phishing. This advanced email filtering service ensures that your email spam filtering is highly effective. The extensive quarantine control panel gives you administrator access to logs and highly configurable filters and settings, making it a comprehensive spam filtering service. Moreover, in case of any network trouble affecting email delivery, your email will be queued. Queued email can be accessed, read, and replied to via the web interface, adding to your inbound email continuity.

Why adding an Incoming Filter is a good idea

Reduce the risk of a mailbox user recieving spam, virus and malware threats. Spam rules are complex and adding this filter will protect every user on your domain for a low monthly price. There is no limit to how many users you can protect on your domain as the service is billed per domain name.

How it works

Once your domain is (automatically) deployed to the Incoming Filter, and filtering is activated, email will pass through the Quarantine filtering. Incoming emails are securely analyzed and scanned in real-time. No training or configurations are required and everything works out of the box without any software to install or configure. Any message detected as spam is moved to the quarantine, while non-spam is sent to your mailbox. The quarantine can be monitored in the user-friendly Quarantine Control Panel, through email-reports, here in the client area, or even directly in your email client! No more wasted time in dealing with spam, simply focus your energy on business tasks, while you remain in full control.

Outgoing email filtering gives you all these benefits...

No more blocklisting
Protect the reputation of your domain name and network
Avoid so many bounced emails
Increase outbound email continuity and delivery
Enhance employee productivity
Improve abuse manageability

What is outgoing filtering?

Outgoing Email Filtering is vital to safeguard your IT infrastructure reputation and ensure all your outgoing email arrives safely where it should. This powerful solution will block spam and viruses from leaving your network and prevent your IP(s) from being blocklisted ever again. Moreover, the Quarantine Outgoing Filter gives you the reporting and tools to detect compromised accounts and lock-down spamming users with anti phishing protection.

Why you need it?

Has your network ever sent out spam email without your knowledge? Due to network weaknesses, almost any device can be compromised to transmit outbound SMTP, allowing spam, phishing emails, or malware to be sent out from your network without you even knowing it! Therefore, it's critical to invest in a professional anti-phishing solution. Our advanced phishing protection and anti-phishing technology help detect and block phishing attempts, safeguarding sensitive information like financial information and credit card details. By implementing our solution, you can stop phishing scams, maintain your company's good reputation, and prevent being blocklisted. This advanced phishing protection also mitigates risks related to business email compromise (BEC) by ensuring phishing emails and text messages designed to create a false sense of urgency are blocked. Invest in our anti-phishing technology to ensure that your emails always arrive where they are meant to go, and your network remains secure.

Email archiving is becoming increasingly important...

Includes Incoming and Outcoming Email Filtering!
Never lose an email again!
Achieve legal compliance
Improve IT system performance
User friendly data-protection management
Added email continuity, journaling support, and easy re-delivery
Compressed, encrypted and secure off-site archive

Email Archiving

Email Archiving preserves and protects all inbound and outbound email messages for later access. It is a great way to recover lost or accidentally deleted emails, accelerate audit response, secure intellectual property emails and attachments, as well as for “eDiscovery” purposes in case of litigation.

Why you need it

Are you desperately looking for an important email from last year, but can’t seem to find it and you’re risking a fine or losing an important business deal as the result of this? Prevent this with a professional Email Archiving solution. Email Archiving is a critical tool to preserve a secure backup of all email and be legally compliant.

At the same time, as email exchanges have judicial power and are legally binding, email compliance has become an extremely important concern for organizations. Therefore it is mandatory in certain industries to preserve a secure backup of all email messages and be legally compliant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Email is routed through intelligent, self-learning servers that detect and block unwanted emails before they reach you. These servers utilize advanced spam filters to identify and mark emails as spam. These filtering services include various types of spam filters, such as content filters, which scrutinize the email content to identify spam and phishing attacks. By blocking these emails at the server level, it ensures that only legitimate emails make it to your inbox, significantly reducing the chances of phishing attacks and other malicious content.

How accurate is the filtering?

Thanks to processing millions of emails every day, our anti-spam filters have an industry-leading accuracy rate, with close to 100% precision. Our filters analyze email addresses, content, and email senders to identify and mark spam accurately. By understanding how spam filters work and continuously updating our algorithms, we ensure that legitimate emails reach your inbox while unwanted emails are effectively blocked.

Can I recover messages that get blocked?

Yes, our comprehensive control panel includes log-search, quarantine, and many other tools that allow you to check the status of any email which has passed through the system. You can review emails, IP addresses, and sender details to ensure legitimate emails are not mistakenly blocked. This system ensures that you have full visibility and control over the emails you send and receive.

How long does it take to setup?

Setup is fast and automated, allowing you to send emails securely within minutes. Our system will be up and running quickly, providing protection for your email accounts almost immediately. With features like spear phishing prevention, outbound scanning, and email encryption, our anti-spam software ensures comprehensive security. It utilizes block lists and advanced spam detection to safeguard against malware, ransomware, and business email compromise. This robust protection means you can send emails with confidence, knowing your communications are secure.

What is Email Archiving?

Email is an essential aspect of modern communication, and our platform's email archiving feature ensures that your emails are securely stored, giving you added security and peace of mind. Additionally, our system utilizes machine learning to manage mailing lists and helps you stop receiving unwanted emails. This feature ensures that emails from unknown numbers or outside your contact list are properly filtered, maintaining the integrity and organization of your communications.

How much email can I store?

Email Archiving includes 10GB of compressed email storage by default. If you need more storage, additional 10GB licenses can be added and billed at $5 per 10GB, per month.