How to modify the Whois contact details of Domain Names

If you have a domain name registered then you will also need to supply accurate contact information for the domain. Domain name contacts are of the following types:

  • Registrant Contact

  • Administrative Contact

  • Technical Contact

  • Billing Contact

In the system, Contacts are independent of a domain name. All contact information that you have used for registering any domain name, is maintained separately in a Contact database. This allows you to re-use the contact information for any other domain name registration without having to fill in all the values again. Think of this as linking Contacts from your Contact database to the domain names you register. Whenever you change any contact information in any Contact, it will automatically change that information in every domain name which uses that contact information and reflect the same immediately in the Whois lookup results of your domain name.

To Modify Contact Details for a Domain Name

  1. Login to your Control Panel, and click on the DOMAINS box to see a list of all the domains you have registered with Thexyz. 
    Select Domains

  2. You can now see a list of all your domain. On the right-hand side select the Tool Icon to show the menu and select Edit Contact Infomation.
    Edit Contact Information

  3. Modify the details and click the Save Changes button to save the changes.
    Domain Whois Contact

    • You may choose to use the Registrant Contact Details for the Administrative, Billing & Technical Contact Details by selecting the Use same contact for Administrative, Billing & Technical details checkbox.

Modifying CED Contact Details for a .ASIA domain name

At the time of registering a .ASIA domain name, you are required to designate a CED Contact.

In this regard,

  • you may choose either the Registrant, Admin, Technical or Billing Contact as the CED Contact, or

  • if none of these Contacts meet the CED requirement, you can use the CED Contact provided by Thexyz. In this case, the Technical Contact provided by you gets replaced by the CED Contact. Due to this, information of the Technical Contact associated with such a .ASIA domain name cannot be modified.

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