Blackberry Internet Service Configuration

Blackberry OS 5/6/7: Internet Service Configuration

This article will assist you with setting up your Blackberry, using Blackberry Internet Service "BIS", for your Private Mailbox.

Note: This setup process may be different, based on your mobile provider. If you have trouble, try reaching out to your mobile provider for assistance. Typically, your provider will offer free assistance with configuring Blackberry services.
    1. On your computer, navigate to your provider's Blackberry Internet Service configuration website. Below is a list of a few popular providers. If your provider is not listed, please contact your provider for the proper URL.
Provider URL
Verizon https://vzw.blackberry.com
AT&T https://att.blackberry.com
Sprint (Nextel) https://sprint.blackberry.com
T-Mobile https://t-mobile.blackberry.com
U.S. Cellular https://uscellular.blackberry.com
Telcel https://telcel.blackberry.com
Three http://www.3uk.blackberry.com
O2 http://o2mailuk.blackberry.com
EE (Orange, T-Mobile UK) https://orangeuk.blackberry.com
China Mobile https://chinamobile.blackberry.com
    1. If you're new to Blackberry Internet Service, use the above website to create an account. Otherwise, log in. Once logged in, select "Set Up Email".
    2. Select "Add an existing email account".

    1. Enter the following, if required:
      1. "Email Address": Your full email address
      2. "User Name": Your full email address
      3. "Incoming Email Server": secure.emailsrvr.com
      4. "Outgoing Email Server": secure.emailsrvr.com
    2. After your account has been added, you should receive a confirmation on your mobile device.

  1. Now you're done! Your email should begin syncing within a few minutes.
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