Email Archiving known limitations

This article outlines several challenges you may face when using Thexyz Email Archiving. Understanding these issues can help you manage your email archiving more effectively.

Email Forwarding When a mailbox rule is configured to automatically forward messages without retaining a copy, those forwarded and deleted messages are not archived by Thexyz. Only messages that reach their final destination within your own domain are archived. Therefore, if emails are forwarded to an address outside your domain, they will not be archived.

Aliases If you have configured an alias to forward emails to an external address, Thexyz will not archive these forwarded messages. However, when sending emails from an alias within a domain that has archiving enabled, or from one of its associated domains or domain aliases, the sent messages are archived. Incoming messages to an archived recipient are always archived, regardless of the sender.

Group Lists If an email is sent to a group list that includes recipients from another domain which enables archiving, the archived record may display the email addresses of all members in the To field, provided the external domain has archiving in place.

Rules Archiving at Thexyz is impacted by rules or filters set on individual addresses. If a rule at a domain with enabled archiving deletes messages from certain senders, those deleted messages are not archived.

Spam Messages flagged as spam are automatically excluded from archiving. This helps maintain the cleanliness and relevance of the archive.

By being aware of these nuances, you can better navigate the complexities of email archiving with Thexyz and ensure critical communications are preserved effectively.

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