How to transfer a .UK domain from another registrar

Before proceeding with the Transfer of your .UK domain name, you are advised to confirm if your domain name can be transferred

The process of transferring a .UK domain name from another Registrar is different as compared to the process for domain names under other extensions. In case of a .UK domain name, the inbound Transfer needs to be initiated at the Current Registrar's end (Godaddy, Namecheap, Network Solutions etc).

Once you have determined whether your .UK domain name can be Transferred, you need to follow the steps below:

Initiate the Transfer at the Current Registrar with whom you are managing your .UK domain name. You need to provide the IPS Tag of the Gaining (New) Registrar in order to initiate the Transfer. The IPS Tag for Thexyz is PDR-IN.

To order the transfer, log into your hosting control panel, either fill out the domain search box or navigate directly to the domain transfer page, then fill the required information, select payment method and click on the Continue button.

The process will be completed 12-24 hours after the tag has been changed.

Select the Registrant Contact for this domain name. You may select from the available list of Contacts or Add a New Contact.

The Identity of the Registrant Contact of a .UK domain name must not be changed during the Transfer process. You may modify the Identity once the domain name has been transferred to Thexyz, by referring to the process listed from Nominet.

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