Monday, October 25, 2021

We are making an announcement here to inform you that last night and last week we defended against large DDoS attacks targeted towards Thexyz. For this reason, service delays and network disruptions have occurred when customers try to access Webmail and Thexyz Client Area. 

Late yesterday evening the distributed attacks continued at a large scale and we were forced to null route many IPs. These attacks are very well distributed so we aren't seeing anyone IP range that is to blame here.  Although they are currently mitigated effectively, we would like to inform you, as a precaution, these restrictions could be imposed again and network delays or disruptions could also be possible. We have also increased our existing DDoS protections and continue to optimize our infrastructure here.

We would like to remind you that there is no security risk with DDoS attacks, these attacks occur when internet service providers are targeted and overloaded with connection requests by cybercriminals. This causes disruption as customers are temporarily unable to access web services. Data is not attacked during DDoS attacks. With the help of DDoS mitigation measures, this flood of traffic can be effectively mitigated and contained. However, the speed at which this can be accomplished depends on the size of the attack. At its peak, the recent flood of traffic was totaling a 256Gpbs DDoS attack.

Recently Thexyz Support Team received extortion notice and demand for Bitcoin to avoid a DDoS. We have received these extortion attempts in the past and will not pay the ransom demanded. Organizations must not give in to extortion by criminals under any circumstances.

As an email provider, we take our responsibility towards reliability and security very seriously. If Thexyz Webmail should suddenly become slower or be temporarily unavailable over the few next days, please follow the below tips:

  • Remember there is no cause for concern, the disruption is just temporary and email service should not be affected.
  • If you experience any issue accessing Thexyz Webmail, please wait or try opening one of our alternative Webmail Sites.
  • Visit us on Twitter @thexyz or our network status page to stay informed of any network disruptions.
  • Set up your email on a mobile device or email client so you can continue to access email if Webmail becomes temporarily unavailable. 

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