Monday, October 21, 2019

As data breaches and online fraud continue to plague online businesses - it is increasingly important to provide more secure and more innovative payment methods. 

This is why we have strengthened our credit card processing to include support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a new European requirement  part of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).  We've also added support for multiple credit cards along with a whole host of improvements to the checkout and payment experience to make checking out faster, easier and more intuitive. We're pleased to be able to deliver it alongside a number of other payment related improvements that provide a solid foundation to even more enhancements planned for the future.

The core aim of this feature development was to provide the following new functionality:

  • To allow customers to add multiple credit cards to their account
  • To provide better support for tokenisation gateways
  • To increase security with the highest level of PCI compliance
  • To allow customers to checkout faster

In addition to the above, we've done a lot of work to improve the user experience  for checkout and payment completion, including:

  • Simplified payment fields - card type is now automatically detected and expiry dates support keyboard input with automatic formatting
  • Improved support for tokenisation gateways - enabling use of multiple token gateways concurrently and improved syncronization of token data
  • Better contact management - now users can select any saved contact when adding or updating a saved payment method
  • Support for bank accounts - users can now save bank accounts for use with ACH and Direct Debit payment gateways
  • Support for Bitcoin - users can now make one-time purchases with Bitcoin. 

Multiple Pay Methods

The multiple pay methods functionality allows you to have more than one credit card or bank account saved and available to use during checkout. Each pay method also allows customers to set a description that helps you identify it. 

This new functionality enables customers to:

  • Add multiple credit cards and bank accounts to their client profile
  • Give each saved card a description to allow for easier recognition and identification
  • Use any of their saved pay methods when checking out or paying an invoice
  • Edit/update/delete a saved payment method at any time
  • Set a default payment method to be used for automated recurring billing

We hope you will find that the added flexibility for multiple pay methods along with the usability improvements make a real difference to your day to day use of Thexyz. If you have any questions or comments, I invite you to ask them in the comments below.

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