Responsible data management through messages archiving

Achieve compliance with advanced email archiving software


Easily preserve crucial email data and attachments via a searchable, scalable, cloud-based archiving service.

Our email archiving software solutions enable tremendous scalability with long-term retention and storage. We manage 100% capture across all devices. Email Archiving can index and extract more than 500 file types and attachments with fast data ingestion and search across millions of emails or a specific email.

Email hosting and archiving

Every email, stored, searchable, accessible and secure-forever. Compatible with both our Premium Email and Exchange Server. Clean up your inbox without deleting all your emails.

No hardware to setup

Our email archiving solutions require no hardware, software, maintenance or installation. A full cloud email system for your organization's email communications.

Accessible and available archive strategy

Allows organizations to focus on their core business and not be distracted with infrastructure hassles. Seamlessly integrates with both desktop and any mobile device.

Scalability and compliance support

A true business grade compliance solution to your email archival requirements and business continuity.

Off-site Archive

Reduce internal server load and save IT resources.

Unlimited Storage

Gain unlimited email storage with a personal archive and remove clutter from your inbox.

Data Protection

Improve production server operation and safeguard against deletion.

Regulatory Compliant Email Services & Archiving

Thexyz Archive jest oferowany w niskiej cenie za każdą skrzynkę pocztową/miesiąc, z nieograniczonym miejscem do przechowywania danych e-mail. Ponieważ jest dostarczany w modelu SaaS, bez konieczności zakupu sprzętu czy licencji na oprogramowanie, nie ma wymagań dotyczących inwestycji kapitałowych, co jest odpowiednie dla małych firm, aby w sposób opłacalny zapewnić system przechowywania archiwum e-mail.

PCI DSS Compliant

Meets rigorous PCI DSS standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Custom retention policies

All data is stored redundantly in geographically dispersed datacenters.

AES 256 bit at rest

Tamper proof AES 256 bit encryption by default for all data in transit and at rest.

Export searches

Search results can be exported and downloaded in a variety of standard formats.

Double geo-location

Storage is designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two mail server facilities.


All data is secured via industry standard encryption (Defense Department AES and SSL).

Secure Email Archiving

Keeping a backup of any email data on a USB flash drive may meet the needs of home users, when your organization relies on email, an archive is a valuable tool, an online archive full of archived messages is often the only element to backup and disaster recovery. Sure you can set your computer to archive items older than a certain amount of time. That does not help if your computer crashes, is lost or stolen.

Archiving for business

A true business grade solution to your email archival requirements.

AES encryption

Archives both internal and external mail securely (AES military strength encryption) to 8 redundant data centers.


Email accessible as online view, PDF, message download, or PST download.

SAN Storage

Fiber channel connections for network/SAN storage.

Realtime data

Data is accessible and searchable in real time 24X7.

Scan email attachment metadata

All message content, attachments and metadata are stored and fully indexed.

Backups & Restore

Our email archiving solution provides a centralized, accessible, and multi-functioning email repository to assist organizations with managing increasingly complex data retention, compliance, e-discovery, disaster recovery and regulatory requirements. Designed to integrate seamlessly with our Hosted Exchange and Premium Webmail, Thexyz Email Archiving backs up all sent and received emails on your domain. As all mail will be archived mail, including every mail folder, it is also possible to archive individual mailboxes, the email accounts can also be restored to any period.

Ease of use

With no hardware to buy or software to install, you can be up and running quickly and easily archiving your enterprise email within hours using our email servers for searched and retrieved data.

Robust Retention

Litigation requests often stipulate a fixed time to present information. Harnesses the power of dispersed data centers to execute archival functions for data ingestion, indexing, search, eDiscovery and export. Easily specify a suitable retention period for mail data storage within your organization.

Unlimited email storage

The storage capacity automatically increases on a per user basis, at no additional cost email is securely stored in the archival storage system. Regardless of how much email data you add, you will never run out of storage, or be charged additional fees making email archiving an attractive option to reduce storage costs.

Within budget

Thexyz Archive jest oferowany w niskiej cenie za każdą skrzynkę pocztową/miesiąc, z nieograniczonym miejscem do przechowywania danych e-mail. Ponieważ jest dostarczany w modelu SaaS, bez konieczności zakupu sprzętu czy licencji na oprogramowanie, nie ma wymagań dotyczących inwestycji kapitałowych, co jest odpowiednie dla małych firm, aby w sposób opłacalny zapewnić system przechowywania archiwum e-mail.

Proactively reduce risk

With increasing stringent compliance requirements for corporate governance standards when it comes to email and retention, can you afford not to take chances?

With requirements for business email archiving and electronic discovery becoming better known, it is now clear that both private and government organizations are exposed to significant liability for email archiving and electronic discovery.

  • Avoid compliance fines and fees associated with data loss
  • Satisfiy regulatory requirements with chain of custody
  • Leverage geographically dispersed data centers
  • Easily search through the personal data of email accounts within your organization

Find Threats

With our cloud archive your data is protected both in transit and at rest with AES-256 cypher-strength encryption processes, the same email security standard used by the United States Department of Defense. All messages and attachments are preserved in top-tier, physically and logically secure data centers using immutable storage methods which meet even the most stringent of compliance requirements.

With a cloud based email archiving solution there is no software to install, licenses to renew or hardware to maintain. Also unlike on premises solutions, there is no IT guy required for setup and troubleshooting any potential issues that can arrive with hardware.

Proactively receive alerts for confidential or restricted information – anything a business wants and needs to know about in emails and file attachments.

  • Protect intellectual property
  • Identify unusual activity with audit trail

View Insights with Discovery Requests

The archiving upgrade will not just archive individual emails, it will backup the whole mailbox to a separate location. Derive actionable insights from business communications and manage email with a legal hold on mail data. Store and encrypt messages even after an employee has left the company.

View Insights extracts knowledge and insights from email data to help make better business decisions to improve operational performance.

  • Learn when sensitive information is being sent or received via your email system
  • Validate that confidential data is not being leaked externally
  • Receive notifications when emails with confidential information, profanity or compliance regulations (HIPAA, FINRA, etc.) leave the organization
  • Be warned when individuals display unusual email activity behavior

100% scalable, cloud-based service — not limited by any size restrictions

Gain peace of mind and compliance with Email Archiving

Configurable retention and storage

Thexyz delivers true email archiving technology to businesses for a fraction of the cost without the need to purchase hardware, install software or manage ongoing maintenance. Every email that any person in your business sends and receives is securely archived, searchable and accessible forever. Individual users may also access their own archive mailbox so they can be comfortable in deleting email messages and keeping mailboxes at a manageable size.

The email archiving portal offers an advanced search capability to retrieve any communications using filters, wildcards, advanced boolean, fuzzy logic and/or proximity logic operators. You can also search the contents of email attachments to find and retrieve data within the file attachement.

While there is an archive mail feature available in Microsoft Outlook. On Outlook it basically generates a backup file that only resides on your local computer. This is not the same as when email is archived and managed in a different geographic location.

By default it is admin only, however it possible to allow employees to access to their personal cloud based archive, offering an Outlook-like look and feel, to quickly and accurately retrieve any archival data, instant messages, attachment or file belonging to them.

Email archiving is designed for a domain wide archving solution, this means that every email account will automatically have archiving enabled if this add-on is activated.

No. There is no limit to how much data can be backed up with our email archiving services. As this is a cloud based solution, you can access archived email, anywhere, anytime.

Email administrators can enforce customizable retention policies to make sure that no data is lost and to prevent users from deleting any sent or received information.

With office 365 and other email services, data can only be exported as a PST file requiring conversion to other formats. With Email Archiving, you can export data in multiple file formats, including PST, EML, NSF, PDF, HTML and TXT.

Unfortunately no. The way the email archiving addon is setup, requires that it be enabled for all users on the domain. This means, if you are upgrading from our Premium Email or Microsoft Exchange services, then all users on the domain will require having this add-on active. WWhether you are used either platform, email archiving is active on every member of the domain which make this an ideal solution for Exchange archiving. Upgrading an account or multiple email accounts to have email Archiving enabled is easy and just a matter of making a billing change by selecting the checked box for archiving on checkout.

By default no. The way this service works is by archiving every sent and received email on the domain. This only happens once the service is activated and by default, emails that have already been sent and received before having this service enabled, will not be included in the archive. If you do need to have historical email data imported to the email archive, this is available on request. Please get in touch with the support team or open a new ticket here.

Yes. You can create as many sub-admin accounts as needed. There is also an option to also manage the permissions of these accounts so you can control what level of access they will have.

Yes. We have succesfully completed data imports into the email archive from various cloud services including: Google Cloud, Mimecast cloud archive, Solarwinds, Exchange online and more.

Reduce costs and secure electronic communications

Archiving, enables you to decrease mailbox-level email storage and allows end-users to recover their own accidentally lost or deleted file

Start Archiving Now

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