TORONTO, ON, Feb. 11, 2016 – Email hosting provider Thexyz has added support for FIDO Universal 2nd Factor, including YubiKeys supporting the new open authentication standard.

Today, email hosting and domain provider Thexyz announced to its 30 thousand users that it supports FIDO U2F YubiKeys for two-factor authentication. On the company’s blog, Thexyz said users now can protect access to their account at Thexyz with YubiKey, a high-security, public key cryptography to protect against various attacks. This will be in addition to the current feature for email administrators to make use of two-factor mobile authentication apps.

FIDO U2F YubiKeys can be purchased directly from Yubico or through Thexyz, and one single USB key can access Google, GitHub, WordPress, Dropbox and a growing number of U2F-compliant services. No client software, hardware or third-party services are required, and no encryption secrets or information about users are shared between service providers.

U2F is a new open authentication protocol co-created by Yubico, Google with NXP and is certified by The FIDO Alliance. Thexyz is one of the first non-FIDO member to implement the security advantages of FIDO U2F and offer these benefits to its user base.
Everyday there are countless attempts to steal the credentials of a user through various means. By adding an additional layer of security it can greatly reduce the risks many users are often exposed to.

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