There are some new improvements available to our VPS servers as we have introduced new billing plans that will offer our customers more resources and features as well as lower costs.

Price changes

We know this is a time when price changes often mean price increases. Not in this case. Thanks to the implementation of SSD drives. It has allowed us to offer hosting services at a lower cost than we have previously offered. Previously our VPS servers started at $14.95 per month. Now. An entry-level server comes with more storage and at a lower cost of $5.95 per month.

This price increase comes at a time when independent hosting providers are hard to find. Many large cloud hosting providers now offer great deals and it is more challenging than ever for small tech services to compete with big tech players. This is why Thexyz is a vocal supporter of the Antitrust legislation being proposed in Congress this summer.


Cost savings on OV1

Server RAM SSD Traffic CPU Price
OVZ VPS 1 1 GB 20 GB 1 TB 1 $5.95
OVZ VPS 2 2 GB 40 GB 1 TB 1 $12.95
OVZ VPS 4 4 GB 80 GB 3 TB 1 $20.95
OVZ VPS 8 8 GB 160 GB 5 TB 1 $47.95
OVZ VPS 16 16 GB 320 GB 6 TB 1 $83.95

Here is how we are adding more value to our VPS plans. We have previously offered 10 VPS hosting plans and will now offer only 5 plans. These plans will all be individually upgradeable so you can add resources to your VPS instance as required. 

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New OZ VPS plans

Migrations of existing VPS plans

If you currently have a VPS plan with us, you will receive a support ticket in your control panel with details of when your service will be upgraded. On your next billing date, you will also be billed the new reduced rate for your VPS.

VPS migration chart

Renewable energy data center

We now offer VPS hosting in Picolo, Finland utilizing a data center located in the bedrock powered by the sun and occasionally supplemented by wind power when the sun’s rays are not powerful enough to meet the hungry demands of the data center. While data centers have been slow to adopt Renewable energy, we are keen to develop our network on sustainable and renewable energy.
You can set up a VPS, dedicated server, or a low-cost shared hosting plan with a free 30-day trial at this new data center.
While this is not currently a popular option with our customers, we think it is a great choice for environmentally conscious people looking to limit the environmental impact of resource-heavy hosting services. The data center is also ISO 27001, ISO 22301, and PCI DSS certified.

Total number of solar panels in use

New Cloudflare integration

As well as improving our VPS plans, we have also been working with Cloudflare to offer customers the choice of DNS host that be managed from within the Hepsia control panel. This is available not just on our VPS plans but on our shared and dedicated servers too.

As of today, we have created native Cloudflare integration in your hosting control panel.

You can now manage all DNS operations and the most popular domain settings from just one place. Please see the guide on adding your domain name to Cloudflare to get started.

Active websites use Cloudflare worldwide

In total, 7,591,745 active websites use Cloudflare worldwide. Ranked by traffic, 3,280 out of 10,000 most popular websites globally use Cloudflare.

Source: Built With

Country Number of live websites
United States 1,459,262
United Kingdom 122,313
Canada 50,235
Russia 46,786
Australia 40,019
India 34,379
Germany 33,945
France 25,529
Netherlands 22,894
Brazil 16,474


We will also notify all customers about this migration via a support ticket in their billing panel.

If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to ask, we are here to answer all your questions.