Our latest dedicated server lineup brings a leap in performance and reliability, catering to the most demanding business needs. At the heart of our new offering is the third-generation AMD EPYC™ CPU, a powerhouse with 64 cores that redefine computing efficiency and power.

Storage and Memory: A Cut Above The server boasts dual NVMe SSDs, each offering 960GB of high-speed storage, complemented by an impressive 256GB of RAM. This combination ensures lightning-fast data access, seamless operation, and ample space for even the most resource-intensive applications.

Why AMD EPYC™? AMD’s EPYC™ processors stand at the forefront of server technology, designed for the x86-64 architecture to cater to server and embedded system markets. Since their debut in June 2017, EPYC™ CPUs have set new benchmarks for performance with features like high core counts, extensive PCI Express lanes, superior RAM support, and significant cache memory. The EPYC™ 7702 model, in particular, offers unparalleled performance for cloud computing, enterprise applications, and high-performance computing tasks, thanks to its sophisticated design and AMD’s Infinity Fabric technology for enhanced connectivity in multi-chip and dual-socket configurations.

Key Applications for AMD EPYC™ Processors:

  1. Web Hosting: EPYC™ processors excel in hosting environments, effortlessly managing multiple websites and web applications simultaneously. Their robust processing capabilities ensure that web services run smoothly, even under heavy traffic, providing an uninterrupted user experience.
  2. Database Management: For high-capacity database servers, the EPYC™ series shines with its ability to perform complex transactions, manage large data volumes, and execute fast retrievals, ensuring efficiency in large-scale database operations.
  3. Data-intensive Workloads and Analytics: AMD EPYC™ is the go-to choice for real-time data processing, AI, and machine learning. Its formidable processing strength enables quick handling of large datasets and complex computations, making it ideal for advancing AI research and data analytics.
  4. Security and Encryption: Featuring AMD Infinity Guard, EPYC™ processors offer advanced security features to protect sensitive data. This ensures that your most valuable data is shielded from threats with state-of-the-art encryption technologies.

Our AMD EPYC™ 7702-powered dedicated servers are not just about raw power; they represent a commitment to providing secure, reliable, and high-performing server solutions. Whether you’re launching a hosting reseller business, managing vast databases, or diving into the depths of AI and machine learning, our servers are designed to elevate your projects to new heights without ever compromising on performance or security.