With Impress.ly, building a full-fledged website that is both mobile responsive and intuitive has never been easier. Impress.ly will enable you to create and launch a website effortlessly across any platform like smartphones, tablets, desktops in a matter of minutes with a drag and drop page builder.

About Impress.ly

With as much as 70% of traffic coming through mobile search, it is paramount to build mobile friendly websites. With that in mind, we decided that Impress.ly will be the perfect tool to integrate integrate into our control panel. With this powerful tool you can create personalized, professional and dynamic websites within minutes. There is no coding to do or software downloads required.
So what’s so special about Impress.ly?
Firstly, you only need your business name, Facebook page or website address. Impress.ly then uses it’s native intelligence to compartmentalize your existing content, apply smart design and simplify color choices. It automatically adds your social media, RSS feeds, photos, music, brand colors, logo and more!

Why use the Impress.ly for your website?

Here are a few great reasons for why it’s the website builder to use for small business owners.
  • Build on a phone: Create a complete website literally from the palm of your mobile device.
  • Auto Populate content: All you need is a Facebook Page or an existing webpage to instantly find and add relevant content.
  • Integrated to Thexyz: With fast and easy setup, you can also use the builder directly from Thexyz Control Panel.
  • Save time: Create a website within minutes seamlessly.
  • 30-day Free trial – Enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial period and get to know the product better before you sign up for a full paid plan which also includes a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Reduce website costs: By building a website yourself or in-house, it is highly cost effective as you will not need to pay the rates of site designers or web hosting fees. Great for small business.

What else can I do with Impress.ly?

Since Impress.ly literally builds itself, you will save a lot of time and energy in the development of your site, allowing you to focus on the things like:
  • Insightful Analytics: You can track your website through analytics to see summary statistics of visitors or most
    visited pages of the website.
  • Mobile App Website: Your visitors will enjoy smooth animations and physics similar to those of a native mobile app.
  • Easily build E-commerce websites: As Impress.ly is already setup with E-commerce, you can simply add your products to start selling right away.

Get started with Impress.ly today with a free trial from within your account at Thexyz. Take a look our Website Builder plans to complement your email address service with us.