Helping entrepreneurs and businesses around the world is of paramount importance here at Thexyz. Typically we do this through providing excellent email and apps services through Thexyz cloud.

We admire the entrepreneurial spirit which is why we have launched the Global Giving Initiative to fund small business owners who have a passion to better their lives and communities. We are working with to reach entrepreneurs all over the world. Kiva is the world’s first and largest microlending nonprofit aimed at connecting impoverished entrepreneurs to the funds they need to start and grow their business.

So far our team has funded loans to entrepreneurs in 4 countries; and committed $15,000 to the initiative for 2015.

What inspired us to start this campaign was how such a small loan from of $50 or $100 can essentially double someones salary. We originally heard a story of a man who wanted a bicycle to help transport goods to market. By using a bike the man can carry twice as much goods to market each day and has doubled his income for his family. It is stories such as this that inspired us to get involved. This video below also is a good example of Kiva lending.

Visit our Global Giving page to learn more about the entrepreneurs we are funding and how you can get involved.