Logging In to the Weebly Editor Through Thexyz Client Area

For those utilizing the Hosted Weebly service with Thexyz, accessing the Weebly Site Builder is a straightforward and secure process. Notably, Thexyz offers a seamless experience without the use of WHMCS or the need for additional passwords. Here's a comprehensive guide to assist end users and customers:

Accessing the Thexyz Client Area:
Begin by navigating to Thexyz's main website. Click on the "Login" or "Client Area" option and provide your registered email address to log in.

Navigate to Services:
Once inside the client area, you'll encounter several options on the dashboard. Look for the "Services" option, typically situated in the navigation bar or on the main dashboard.

Locate Your Hosted Weebly Service:
Within the services list, identify your "Hosted Weebly" service. If you have availed multiple services with Thexyz, ensure you select the one associated with Weebly.

Seamless Access to Weebly Editor:
Upon pinpointing the Hosted Weebly service, an option labeled "Manage" or similar will be visible. Clicking this will directly sign you into the Weebly editor, launching it in a new browser window or tab. Notably, this integration means no separate password is required for Weebly; your Thexyz credentials are all you need.

Handling Multiple Weebly Services:
If you've enrolled in more than one active Hosted Weebly service with Thexyz, a dropdown menu will be displayed. This menu enlists domains linked with each Weebly service. Choose the desired domain and proceed by clicking the "Manage" option.

Important Note: You can only access the Hosted Weebly service through Thexyz's client area. Attempting to access or manage your service via weebly.com will not be successful.

By adhering to the steps above, users can effortlessly manage their Hosted Weebly service through Thexyz's client area. Always ensure to log out once your tasks are complete, especially when accessing from a public or shared device.

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