How to safe list a sender

Safe-listing a sender, domain or IP

If you wish to ensure messages from a particular sender make it to the inbox, you can safe list that sender so that messages bypass spam filters. Anyone using Thexyz email can safe list email addresses, IP addresses, or domains directly in real-time through the Webmail app. 

If you have already tried safe-listing a sender through a mail client (like Outlook), mail might still be flagged as spam from this sender. You may need to review your safelist in Webmail to make sure you have this sender listed. You can also safelist this sender at the domain level so mail from this sender will be safe listed for all users on the domain.

Follow these instructions in order to safe list a sender through Webmail:

  • Log in to your Webmail interface at
  • In the upper right-hand side next to your username, click the drop-down to access the Settings menu.
  • Select Spam Settings and click the Safelist tab to access the safelist.
  • You can safelist the sender's email address, domain or sending IP address. Click the Add button next to the field you wish to add to the safelist.

You can use a "%" as a wildcard in the domain or email address (For example:

Email that you receive from safelisted email addresses, domains and IPs will bypass the spam filters, ensuring you receive email from those senders.

Exclusive spam filtering

By enabling the Exclusive spam filtering feature, you will be able to receive email only from senders on the safelist.

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