Add SSL site seal to your website

An SSL Certificate Secure Site Seal is a sign of trust on the Internet on any web page when you have an SSL cert installed on the domain. The seal is a visual indicator on browsers and mobile devices that shows your website visitors you are using SSL to secure your transactions.

Displaying the AlphaSSL SSL Certificate Secure Site Seal will help visitors trust your web site, and then help conversion rates by converting general visitors to paying customers. Don't risk people abandoning shopping carts and web forms - display the Certificate Secure Site Seal to give users the confidence to complete the transaction. A secured seal does not just show visitors that a site is secure, it also helps instill trust in your companies website and shows your visitors that all is being to keep them secure online.

How to order an SSL certificate 

We have fully automated the certificate application when you order an AlphaSSL certificate. You can expect fast issuance and a fully trusted SSL certificate. Once ordered, you will need to generate a CSR and approve domain validated email that is sent out to a webmaster@, admin@, administrator@, etc email address. Even our entry-level SSL certs offer 256-bit encryption strength and a 2048 bit root cert. AlphaSSL has fully automated the certificate application and issuance process, the only thing leave to do is install the certificate for your site and the trust seal which should only take a few minutes. 

How to install your trusted site seal

Copy the below code and add it to the html code of your site quickly and easily or send these instructions to your web developer.
<!--- Secure Site Seal - DO NOT EDIT --->
<span id="ss_img_wrapper_115-55_image_en"><a href="" target="_blank" title="SSL Certificates"><img alt="Wildcard SSL Certificates" border=0 id="ss_img" src="//" title="SSL Certificate"></a></span><script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<!--- Secure Site Seal - DO NOT EDIT --->

Wildcard SSL Certificates

If you do not yet have an SSL Certificate with us, you will not be able to use the Secure Site Seal - click here for all available SSL products including extended validation certificates and other SSL security solutions.

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