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Advanced features to run large email campaigns

Distinguish permanent and temporary delivery errors and define automated actions on receipt of bounce messages according to matches with your regular expressions.

No sending limits

You can send to as many subscribers as you wish, as often as you wish without caps. All our hosted phpList services allow users to send an unlimited amount of email. Each installation is given a dedicated IP address and you are responsible for keeping this IP address out of spam lists.

Dedicated IP Address

You are given a dedicated IP and spam is not tolerated. If users report your IP as spam, your deliverability rates will suffer.

Free Templates

We can help install the software and include mobile responsive email templates.

Self-managed phpList hosting
  • Send up to 500 emails per hour
  • Dedicated IP
  • phpList pre-installed
  • Self-managed
Managed phpList hosting
  • No sending limits
  • Dedicated IP
  • phpList pre-installed
  • Software updates
  • Fully managed

phpList Hosted

Setup hosted phpList

Get phpList installed at Thexyz for just $24.95 per month.

Included with every Migration
  • Migrate all email and sub-folders
  • Migrate all calendars, contacts and tasks. *Exchange only
  • Migrate from Google Apps, Office 365, Gmail, IMAP, SMTP etc.
  • Fully managed by migration professionals
  • No installation or backup files needed on your end
Where do user Migrate from?









phpList FAQ

Find the anwsers to commonly asked questions, you can also find more documentation via our Knowledgebase

Yes. In phpList you can create "subscribe pages" which you can make look like your own website. To do this, you need to extract the header and footer HTML from your website and copy it in the boxes when you create the page. If you want to use your own CSS, you will need to include the full URL to your CSS file, eg http://www.yourwebsite.com/css/style.css and images. You may also want to check out the "Ajax Form" which you can use to embed the subscribe form in your site, so that your subscribers will not load the phpList pages at all. You can find this under the "Help" at the top right in your account, under the tab "integration".

By installing phpList on your own servers you can protect your subscribers privacy.

Yes. With phpList you control when you send your campaigns.


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