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Windows Licence (SPLA) Pricing

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The user licenses found here are provided via the SPLA program are only valid to be used on Dedicated Servers, remote desktop services & virtual machines hosted with us. We can not issue for third party use.

Feature/Provider Standard Edition Datacenter Edition
Windows Server 2016 $24.95 per/month $169.95 per/month
Windows Server 2012 $24.95 per/month $169.95 per/month
Windows Server 2012 R2 $24.95 per/month $169.95 per/month
Windows 2008 R2 $24.95 per/month $169.95 per/month
Windows 2008 R2 Core $24.95 per/month $169.95 per/month

SQL Server licence SPLA Licensing

Feature/Provider SQL Server 2012 Web Edition (32/64 bit) SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition (32/64 bit)
4 cores $59.95 per/month $419.95 per/month
6 cores $89.95 per/month $629.95 per/month
8 cores $124.95 per/month $839.95 per/month

In order to use our Windows Server Standard and/or SQL Server licences, you must reinstall your server with the template corresponding to your subscriber access licenses. Moreover, you need to order a Windows licence before you can take advantage of SQL Server’s features. There is no long term commitment to access licenses. As with all our services a subscriber can pay on a month to month contract.

Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

What is it?

With the SPLA licensing , customer can access server licensing to host software services and applications. The SPLA supports a variety of hosting scenarios to help you provide highly customized and robust solutions to a wide set of customers.

Cost savings

With Thexyz you will get the same level of service (if not better) than you would with Microsoft. There is a considerable cost saving when you compare the variable to each other.

Windows Servers

You will need an active Windows server plan with us or order to access license. Each of the licenses includes a limited number of physical processors and is not limited to one standard session.

No contracts

A good reason to choose Thexyz as your email hosting provider is that there is no contracts with any of our services. Even if you choose Office 365 or G Suite over our own Premium Email or Hosted Exchange.


While Microsoft has improved its privacy policies over the years, Google still lags behind many other technology companies in this regard. Furthermore, Google pays tens of millions of euros in fines each year for privacy and security breaches. There is a growing sentiment especially when the Google policy is examined, that organizations cannot agree to Google's terms of service for internal privacy and security reasons.

Speed and efficiency

Enjoy a faster, smoother email experience with Thexyz. We also offer free support with our platform. Spend less time on hold and trying to find someone to help you. We're here to help whichever email platform you choose.

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