Changing Name Servers of a Domain Name

edited February 2011 in Domain Names
Once you have uploaded your content on our Web Hosting server, you may preview your website from a temporary URL. This URL is available, both in the email that is mailed to you upon purchase as well as within the Order Details view of your Web Hosting Order.
When you are satisfied that your content has been uploaded to Thexyz Network's server, you need to point your domain name to your website hosted with us. To do this you need to either:

• change the Name Servers of your domain name to ours (recommended),
• create the necessary DNS Records on your existing Name Servers.

1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name for which you have purchased this Hosting Order and go to the Order Details view.
2. Click the Name Server Details link.
3. Here, you would find the list of Name Servers you need to set for your domain name. Alternatively, if you wish to retain the Name Servers of your domain name instead of using our Name Servers, you would need to add the DNS Records listed on this page, on your existing Name Servers.
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