Testing fail over IP services on Dedicated Server

I have a dedicated server and I have purchased your fail over premium DNS hosting. I am looking to test fail over. I am monitoring port 80. Via TCP protocol.

I am wondering what is the best way to temporarily disable it for a domain on the server so I may test the fail over.



  • There is not really a way to disable a port for only one domain on the server but you could block access to it using a .htaccess rule or something similar to that.

    Closing off the port completely would not be a good idea at all as it would affect all of the other sites on the server.

  • Okay but do you think the htaccess will work?

  • Yes, the .htaccess rules could be set up to deny access to the site overall.

  • What would the htaccess rule be?

  • You could start with a basic "deny from all" rule and go from there.
    You can specify certain files, types of files and whole directories.

  • Like this:

    deny from all
    port: 80 
  • The "deny from all" part will do just fine.

    When requests come to that site over either port 80 or 443, it will just load up the 403 forbidden message.

  • Just having a htaccess file with nothing else other than "deny from all" is all I need here then?

  • If you're looking to deny access to the content of the site for everyone, yes, that is all that is needed here.

  • And that will kick the monitoring of port 80 via TCP to detect it failed?

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