Importing mail into email archiving platform

I have just enabled email archiving feature on a new domain and I am planning to import some email data into a new account under that domain. I know usually the email archive works by archiving only new sent/received mail. My question is, can that data then be imported to the email archive?



  • And this imports to the email archiving portal (sonian)?

  • correct

  • Does an account have to have email archiving enabled to request these exports?

  • Yes, as we have to have an archive tied to the account to export to.

  • But I suppose a workaround could be to import into an email archiving account and then export from there?

  • We essentially just take a big archive search of an existing archive and ask them to export on the back end in regards to a big export beyond normal limits, for example.

  • Would that work as a way to do an export of mail data do you think?

  • You should be able to archive import across child accounts. I'm talking in the umbrella of your entire account and the archive exports are mostly for searches over 10k items or 3.5GB as otherwise the native archive export is usually faster.

  • So if I have a basic email mailbox with 20GB that I needed to export and archive, I could set up a new domain with email archiving, import the mail there and then request it be uploaded to email archive, so I can export the whole mailbox?

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