Benefits of upgrading to Exchange

I was wondering if you can help with a question about the limits imposed on an account? I am noticing some Thexyz Webmail email accounts are hitting limits thresholds if they are high volume accounts. I wondered if upgrading to Hosted Exchange is a better option in these cases?

If a user has a lot of mail and folders with a lot coming in. Is Exchange better suited to handle this now?



  • Since Thexyz Webmail accounts are only capable of handling up to 25 GB, if you have a lot of folders and emails, that can causing syncing issues for sure. With Exchange you are able to get 100 GB email accounts so that would be better suited for sure.

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    Does it help if there is a lot of incoming email volume too?

    Do you still think it is better to have Exchange for a busy high volume account? Can it handle more do you think?

  • I definitely do, since the influx of volume, Exchange can handle. Thexyz Email can't. As long as Exchange is maintained properly, definitely more equipped to handle emails, but also maintaining the mailbox is the big key since even though it can handle great volume, if the mailbox isn't managed properly, it can cause issues.

  • Okay thanks very much

  • Go for Exchange Email clients. It can handle 100 GB of data. Whereas thexyz email client can handle only 25 GB of data.
    So Exchange would be beneficial to you.

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