Setting up email forwarding with Exchange

Is it possible to set up email forwarding with an Exchange account?



  • Yes it is possible, but what would be the end goal? To get the email from an Exchange account to a mailbox out from thexyz email hosting environment or inside your current domain?

  • I would like it to go to another domain.

  • Oh I see! So the way to do this would be to:

    1. Add a contact with the target email where you want the email to end
    2. Go to your mailbox setting and have the contact you selected as the forwarding email address
  • Great thanks.

    Would this be the same if I wanted the email to go to a user within the domain name also?

  • No, it would be a bit different, if the user is also an exchange user under the same domain, you can skip the step #1

  • Can you clarify step 2? Where do I find that setting in OWA?

  • It is actually in the email admin side:

    Once logged in, navigate to the Hosted Exchange mailbox and you'll click on the tab "Mail Forwarding" and select the email address you want to forward to.

  • Does it have to be an Exchange email address that the mail is forwarded to?

  • Yes, that is why if you want to send to an external source or a mailbox that is not an exchange mailbox in your current domain, you need to "trick" the system by making a fake exchange email address (a contact) that will point to your external mailbox.

  • Where do I add the contact?

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