ActiveSync setup requires access to erase all data?

Hello Team,

Why does using Active Sync on with this account require remote control of such an extensive list of features on my phone?

  1. Erase All Data
  2. Set Password Rules
  3. Monitor Screen Unlock Attempts
  4. Lock Screen
  5. Set Screen Unlock Password Expiration
  6. Set Device Storage Encryption
  7. Disable Cameras
  8. Set SD Card Encryption
  9. Password Recovery
  10. Disable POP and IMAP emails
  11. Disable SD Card
  12. Disable WiFI
  13. Disable SMS/MMS messaging
  14. Disable Internet
  15. Disable Internet Sharing
  16. Disable Bluetooth
  17. Disable Desktop Sync
  18. Disable IrDA

This seems extreme. Please advise.


  • Incase your phone is lost. It allows you to wipe it of all data via Webmail.

  • This is a bit too extreme for me. I am very cautious with permissions on my phone and accounts, and this is beyond anything I've come across.

  • These permissions are just related to your email account and are not going to affect the security settings of your phone. You could remove Mobile Sync if you do not wish to grant these permission, although these permissions are industry standard and also requested from other email providers like G-Suite and Office 365 etc.

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