Accessing email during a hosted Exchange upgrade

I am planning to migrate some users to exchange 2016 from exchange 2010. Is it true that now you can allow users to retain access to email during the migration?



  • So yes its true that during the exchange platform change they can still access there email during that time period.

  • Great. Does the password remain the same?

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    Yes the passwords will remain the same the only thing we do ask is not to make any changes at all in the email admin control panel while the exchange migration is happening.

    Did you want me to go ahead and get that ticket sent to you to being the schedule and process of that?

  • I already have one opened.

    I was just new to this process as previously with migration to Exchange 2013 there was a slightly different process.

  • Yes this process is a little different but basically just work as you normally would and don't make changes in the email control panel and everything would work out good.

  • Okay. It is great users keep access to email now.

    I used to do all these mailbox renames just to allow that. :p

  • Yeah you won't have to worry about that this time it will be much easier on you for this migration.

  • great, thank you

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