Migration from Exchange 2010 to the Exchange 2016

How long does it take to migrate users from Exchange 2010 to the Exchange 2016 environment?



  • Its hard to say. It all depends on the size of the mailbox and how many sub-folders the mailbox has.

  • Just like any other internal migration? No cost too?

  • Correct. There is no extra charge for this migration.

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    Great. Have you heard any issues with Exchange 2010 users being unable to search messages that far with iPhone devices?

    And do you think upgrading to 2016 is a good possible solution to this?

  • I haven't heard of any issues with that. Both servers do the same for activesync. I know that with exchange mailboxes on the phone you can set how far back it syncs but the user should still be able to do a search for a message past that time frame.

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