Is SRS implemented?

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Does your email forwarding has SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) implemented? Will forwarding break SPF?


  • Thank you for your post, we do not have Sender Rewriting Scheme implemented on our Hosted Email platform at this time, though I am told that it can be implemented for our Office 365 offering.

    To my knowledge there are not currently any plans to implement Sender Rewriting Scheme for our Hosted Webmail platform, though you could in the Feeback Forum provide product feedback (which goes to our product development team) and they can confirm that, as well as to perhaps explain if it will be implemented.

  • We see this happen mostly with auto forwards going to different domains. Do you utilize forwards heavily in your business? I’m going to speak to the team about SRS and we will check and see what all it would take to develop this. I cant promise that it will make it on to the road map but we will do some front level research into it.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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