How do I manage my hosting server.?

I have been running a fitness blog form around two years and it's been working fine for me. Back then I didn't knew much about technology and the latest trends so, I started it on blogger. But, that's not the case right now. Now I want to my fitness blog to the next level by starting it on wordpress. But, I am not sure about the hosting server as I can't manage the hosting server. What do you guy think. Should I go for web hosting platform or approach some freelancer to manage my hosting server.?



  • Hey guys. I haven't been given the answer till now what should I pick for management of my hosting server. Either, I go for the companies of like Cloudways or should I explore freelancer, fiver, etc.

  • If you are looking for managed WordPress services, you can take a look at Thexyz Managed WordPress services.

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