My Surface Pro 3 keeps shutting down with phantom mouse clicks

About 4 months ago I received a replacement Surface Pro 3 i7 from Microsoft after experiencing issues with the device. The replacement device is now not working. And showing these symptoms:

  • Replacement device is showing phantom touches and turns off by itself.
  • The touch in the screen is not working.
  • Device turns off when it is unplugged from the AC cord, when moving the device and when it goes to sleep mode.
  • Sporadic shutdowns.

So far support have said that as warranty on replacement devices is only 30 days and I the out of warranty options were provided ($809 plus local taxes if applicable).

I do not want to pay more for a device that I now has issues. I was also shocked to realize that Microsoft does not have a recycling program in place for returning these faulty and useless Surface devices. Like many others I know now better than to put trust in Microsoft as the support on these devices has been a joke and nothing like the support I get on Office products.

I really feel Microsoft should:

  • Address issues with faulty Surface.
  • Provide a recycling program as they often do not last more than a year with regular use.


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